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Make Millions

+ impact millions

I offer programs, online courses + coaching for  women who want to become a seen and sought after brand that doesn't just make millions...
but becomes a movement that impacts millions.

Exhausting launches and showing up 24/7  not included.

Does this sound like you?


You've achieved so many of your big dreams of making self-funded + self-trusted decisions and you know it's just the beginning.

Payment notifications and a spacious schedule are your love language + you're looking for even more of both. 

You're at a tipping point and ready for sales to start coming in while you're sleeping.

Spark Your Shine
Image by Shashi Chaturvedula

The Money Maven Meditations

Practical + daily shifts to attract big money

by mastering the energetics of what you expect and believe.

35 meditations created for the female entrepreneur selling online.

Money Mindshift

The Activator

Are you ready to stop having the 'cringe' factor of sales keep you from the
consistent 10k+ months you want?

This course is inspired by my 17+ years as the all-time leader in sales for The Chopra Center that's created the foundation for my

6 Figure business.


This course is designed to help you sell in a softer way that feels authentic  + give you the ultimate permission to show and sell simply but sell often, awakening your six-figure self. 

Power of Intention

The Money MindShift

Are you ready to drop the money struggle?

Do you know your money mindset is holding you back but don’t know how to change it?

This 21-day guided meditation series will help you feel safer in your life and business, so you can drop the resistance + begin creating a relationship with money you enjoy being in. 

"You can stay in your power even when you come against the limits of your beliefs. With money, with love, with can stay in your power even when it feels scary."

1:1 Coaching

1-1 Business Mentorship

For the woman who's ready to make the $30k+ month her new normal + not just a one time thing...

We're talking predictable money on the books for months into the future (aka reoccurring revenue)...


She's ready to take her income to the next level without sacrificing slow, no alarm mornings...

She's ready to have sales be consistent + less stressful because there's a steady stream of money coming in all of the time and people are always buying...


She's ready to start + end her day when she wants AND see the payment notifications coming in anyway because she's mastered how to make money on demand.

It's possible. I've done it + now I help my clients do it

1:1 Coaching

Activating Abundance

A self-paced mindset + energetics program designed to stop second-guessing yourself and simply call in more.

If you're ready to unlock the version of you that's no longer asking 'What am I doing wrong + Why isn't this working for me'...

And you're ready to flip the internal switch to simply call in MORE...More money, More cash, More aligned Clients...


 More waking up to emails saying 'I'm ready to sign-up' after a long weekend of being unplugged + enjoying yourself.... 

Group Coacing

The Six-Figure Year

Build an Intentional Business by Design

This is my signature group program where you'll master the marketing and sales methods to make $20k months your new normal (not just a one time thing) while building an elevated brand that leaves people thinking 'I need to work with her.'


This 6 Month Group Coaching Program is where your refine the way money moves inside your business. We master selling simply, becoming known for what you do + your core messaging.

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Ready to                abundance in your income, business + life?



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