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Stories That Make You Money


If you're currently...

Randomly posting on Stories with no intentional plan + only have people buying when you’re launching

Trying to “mimic” what others are doing, asking yourself ‘what am I not getting?’

Showing up + selling on stories but…sales aren’t coming in as frequently as you’d like 

Posting 7 talking Stories in a row + feeling like you have to show up face to camera to sell

Sharing testimonials but without identifying a problem + giving context so people aren’t reaching out.

Trying to sell on one slide because your story views go way down when you sell.

I’m talking to YOU.

80% of people watch IG stories on silent.
Without applying copy with appropriate context you’re missing a huge opportunity to make money because you’re NOT effectively telling a Story.

I’ve made $6-Figures+ in my business this year selling almost exclusively on IG Stories.

My offers are always selling all of the time.

My highest ticket offers sell out immediately when I post about them ON STORIES.

I have A REAL community where it feels fun to show up – Womxn all over the world start their day with me 

People buy without a lot of questions 

I have money coming into my business monthly until OCTOBER of 2024 🤯🤯🤯
this is possible because of how I show up on stories. It’s an art I’ve mastered that literally brings in money whenever I desire.


Stories are the biggest opportunity.

you have to become your own living/ breathing 5 star YELP review that leave people thinking ‘I’m obsessed with what you’re doing + I need to work with you.

Stories is the place to build a community of people who know you + trust you.

Stories is where you SHOW proof of the results you provide so people always buy when you show up to sell, there’s money coming in ALL OF THE TIME and people start buying without a free connection call…

And payments start coming in - no questions asked.

In just a few weeks...

 • You can become a master at selling on stories where your offers sell out on Stories (no           posting 17 slides with a rigid system that feels inauthentic + slimy here).


  • The sales process becomes SIMPLE with 5 easy steps…


  • A plug and play method that’s repeatable so your offers become a no-brainer yes for people without exhausting + stressful launches.


Mastering 5 Simple Steps


Your Stories reviewed by me 👀🥵💸

We will be covering:

How to have your DM’s filled with soulmate humans ready to buy with my signature method 

💸How to sell out your offers SIMPLY on Stories without a million slides + tons of time

💸The secret to my simple selling on Stories (selling out my highest ticket offers sometimes with just one slide lol) 😉 

💸How to build a community who can’t get enough of your Stories + when you show up to sell - they don't need ALL the info they just buy

💸 You’ll Master 5 Simple Steps in 4 weeks


💸 With weekly live calls + short and sweet Modules with templates AND you can submit your Stories to be reviewed by me.


Sound too good to be true?

Let's ask the women in the program now...
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SSS Free Stock Bundle 9.jpg

Ready to MASTER selling in your stories?


© Gabrielle Forleo | Site Credit

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