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where sales + money become the simplest part of your business

Does this sound like you?

Selling feels hard + you're exhausted by launching  and posting the way you've been taught leaving you with a business that doesn't even feel like yours.

You think you're annoying people when you sell + don't want to come off as 'cringe' so you just don't sell or hit the 10k+ months you want consistently.

When it comes to sales + messaging you just don't know what to say or write.

You say all the money affirmations but you don't really believe them + feel like you're constantly convincing people to work with you.

What if I told you that you could...

Start waking up to payment notifications every day of the month + have a steady stream of CASH consistently coming in.

Be able to breathe when it comes to money, no longer questioning if you should buy something - you simply buy it because you can.

Easily and effortlessly show up and sell without worrying you're  being seen as 'salsey' because there are zero convincing vibes + so authentic to you. 

Give yourself the ultimate permission to sell freely and often + start making the consistent multiple 5 figure months you desire. 

Image by Evie S.
Ditch the beliefs holding you back

Experience my signature 'belief dump' process as you illuminate and let go of your fears and beliefs around sales, money + selling online. This is key to experience lasting change.

Charge what you're worth

And let go of the tightness in your throat + second guessing when someone asks the price. You'll feel good about what you charge + know exactly how to respond to inquiries like this to make more money.

Goodbye Convincing + Persuading

And the traditional masculine approach to sales. You can ditch it for my method that actually feels good + will have you showing up knowing in your bones there are buyers. 

Sell Simply + Easily

Let sales and money become the simplest part of your business and allow the money to flow in as a result. You're business is making every day - especially when you're not 'on' and out resting and enjoying.

  • Explore why your thoughts and beliefs around money and sales

  •  Illuminate your inherited beliefs and how these impact your desire to sell

  • Activate my signature process for not just knowing but actually expecting buyers each day

  • Meditations and visualizations that become a part of your daily routine

  •  Begin to integrate intentional affirmations in different aspects of your life

This will change the game when it comes to your business

In the Activator we will...

  • Let's reframe sales in a softer way that feels good to your nervous system

  • How to feel good when you tell people your rates and prices

  • How to expect people to pop into your dm's daily - and have them actually be there

  • Learn the exact practices I've used to make millions

Get to a place where sales feels easy and 

you know exactly how to sell with zero cringe feeling

  • How to have sales become the simplest part of your business

  • How consistent 10 - 20 k months actually start

  • What to do when someone dm's you 'What's the price"

  • How to use testimonials to actually make you money

  • The three questions that will change your bank account forever

Make the connection between your messaging + your results

In The Activator, we will explore...

Copy of Copy of Copy of Green and Bright Yellow Modern Digital Tech Shadow and Photo Frame

The Activator


  • Ten Core Modules

  • Sales Energetics + Action Practices

  • Guided Meditations

  • My Signature Belief Dump Process

  • Lifetime Access

Client Love

The Activator helped me get clear...

"about how to actually sell easily in the dm's instead of overthinking it. Wow, I mean I had so many shifts and this course was truly transformative for me, and I'm going to use that to help transform other people's lives. I'm leaning into confidence and trusting my message more than ever. "

Jacqueline Connors

Okay so I love The Activator....

"It's an encouragement to me everyday. It's one of the first things I do each and every morning, and by module 4
I could already feel a massive shift. It's been a transformative process and business is literally pouring in from every direction & I'm about to send an invoice for my biggest sale yet."

Holly Murray

Am I actually having fun selling online?

"I posted a few simple slides using what I learned in The Activator and 8 sales came right in. I couldn't help but notice I was actually having fun selling and didn't feel cringe for a second. My energy and approach to sales changed and as a result my sales have increased dramatically.

Kristina Hollinger

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You receive access to the entire course and all modules at the time of enrollment.
No, not in this course. I can absolutely add on a business 1-1 business intensive session for you so message me and we can see if this would support your intentions. 
You'll continue to have access to go back and re-visit any part of the course you want. Women always message me that these meditations have become a regular part of their day.
This digital course is meant to be experimental for you to cultivate change beyond just knowledge. There are guided meditations of different lengths, videos of me teaching about sales & messaging and different actions I recommend as well. 
Email me anytime directly at as I'm here to support you on your journey.
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Ready to                abundance in your income, business + life?



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