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1:1 Business


Helping you create $20k+ reoccurring months by mastering your message, marketing + simple sales

hustle sold separately

For the woman who...

Is making money + getting  client results but is ready to double her income while scaling wayyyy on how much she's 'online' and seeing clients.

Wants her income to feel more predictable + her current monthly revenue to become her  reoccurring revenue with $20k+ already coming into the business every month.

No longer wants to trade time for money + craves a business model built to make millions while serving millions and make money on demand.

Wants her content + marketing to start doing the selling for her so inquiries and sales are coming in consistently, whether she's online or not.

Loves what she does but is a little exhausted by her business. She's ready to grow but no longer willing to sacrifice her slow, no alarm mornings to do it.

Wants to pull up her calendar and see two calls for the week but have automatic payments dropping every single day. 

What's the point of having your own business


There aren't plenty of days in you calendar with space so you can wake up slow without an alarm, meditate for as long as you want, get outside in nature or enjoy a pedicure at 10am on a Wednesday...

There's no bandwidth for last-minute lunches + shopping with your bestie without thinking about how much you're spending because money overflow is your standard...

You're always obsessing over your business trying to push it forward with no energy left over to actually do the things that will create the growth you're asking for...



You + Me = Your Next Level Business Era

I believe deeply that it's possible to make millions and impact millions at the same time. 

Buy the vacation house on the water, upgrade to first class + go to

luxury retreat...


Without needing to move a thousand clients because you've got both the time and the money.

I also believe that when you master your marketing, messaging, simple sales + the mindset and energetics that supports all of this...

You can have an inbox filled with payment notifications without sacrificing your wellbeing (aka a business that doesn't make you feel exhausted).

Yes please, more of this. 

THIS is what we create inside 1:1 Mentorship

Consistent sales because you've mastered your content + messaging and filled the gaps in your marketing plan.

Your offer suite is intentional AF  allowing you to have maximum impact with your clients but requires you to be 'on' minimally. 

A marketing plan that goes far beyond posting on social media and results in an inbox full of payment notifications + people asking 'How do I enroll?'

Get into the brain of your buyer so every time you post or send an email people say 'I feel like you're speaking to my soul here.'

Mastering your marketing, messaging + content so you can say goodbye to free sales calls and ads because people just buy all the time now. 

Dialed in your systems + email marketing so you can capitalize on passive offers allowing hundreds of people can show up in your world tomorrow and pay you without you lifting a finger.

Mastering your messaging and marketing is at the core of what I do because when you do this - sales become simpler, feel softer and will increase in frequency and consistency. 


You'll no longer have to hustle, be chronically online, persuade or pressure people to buy because your content and marketing plan is so effective that people already see you as the expert who can help them and they're ready to invest with you before you every connect.


Your offers will be intention so money is being generated continuously instead of feast or famine and pressure-filled launches your bank account simply always has $30k in it

Overflow without  sacrificing your wellbeing is closer than you think. 


Imagine being able to buy the vacation home by the water or max out all your retirement accounts because you've got so much overflow coming in month after month.


This is what I help my clients create.

This comes when you create offers that sell each other and your marketing + content isn't something you just create but is created with intention to move people through the buyers journey. 

There's a world where everything sells, all of the time + $20k+ months aren't just a one time thing but become the predictable standard. 

When I first arrived in the online space after two decades of sales and marketing in the brick and mortar business world - I realized the popular model to making $6-Figures+++ as an entrepreneur involved the constant hustle and grind. I saw a lot of women making money but they were also tired.


I saw schedules packed with calls because 1:1 was needed to fund business, drawn out + exhausting ‘launches’ required  to sell anything, tons of money spent on ads and people doing 5 free sales calls a day for multiple five-figure months.


Not to mention - the requirement of being chronically online, sales techniques built on persuasion and manipulation and competition with other people accepted as the norm.


Yeah - Not my jam. There's a different way to a multiple six + seven figure business. This is what I've done and what I help my clients do. 


%6 of online businesses will ever reach Six-Figures…


And in those that do the standard model allows no bandwidth for creativity or space to do the things required to triple revenue year-over-year, have $20k - $30K reoccurring months, feel like business is predictable (aka money coming in for a year++ into the future and serve hundreds of with massive value without a single live call.




Together we'll break you out of the standard online business model + create the space in your life so you feel inspired to do the things that will help you grow. Things like...


creating intentional content with cohesive messaging that make you known for what you do, a marketing plan that goes beyond virality on Instagram, creating versatile offers that all sell each other simply, digital programs that make money whether you're on or not and getting on multiple platforms like Tik Tok, You Tube or starting a podcast…

It's time to work smarter, not harder and maximize what you're doing.

You + Me = Total Life Transformation

"Last year I tripled my income and this year I'm on track to 3x it again which honestly blows my mind...

The craziest part is I work way less than when we first started working together. Through all your programs I feel like I've mastered selling + my marketing and messaging while also maintaining my most important roles as a wife and Mom.   When I started working with you $30k months seemed like a bit of dream but you've helped them become my reality. 

You're a rockstar, that's all I can say."

- Kristina Hollinger

Feng Shui Expert + Author + Podcaster 


There are so many businesses coaches out there. My clients love working with me because I come from a place of alignment.


As a Certified Meditation, Yoga + Health Instructor + Wellbeing Coach, I worked with Deepak Chopra for over 17 years teaching thousands of clients on the highest level. What's unique about my mentorship is together we will create a lightness in your business and in your life + a connection between the two.


It's always deeper than just the money + I have the skills and resources to coach you there.

If you know that your inner-world impacts your results just as much as strategies and actions do - you're in the right place. 


Having a partner inside your business who understands and can coach you on the highest level when it comes to your mindset and energetics is rara. I've worked with the best of the best in the self-development industry and have been a daily meditator for twenty years. I will help your get unstuck by providing the resources to do master the inner-work of business AND the actions that will get you to where you want to go. 

You get to have a business where sales and money just feel easier and come in a way that's predictable and almost automatic. Activating your personal mastery of the things required to make $20K+ your new reoccurring monthly revenue far into the future is what we inside 1:1 mentorship. 

"Working with you has TRIPLED my income in one year, and it's only continuing to grow while I'm 'on' less than ever. You are magic and I love working with you."
Kristina Hollinger - Feng Shui Expert
1:1 Coaching with Calls
The Investment

This is for the woman who's ready to make her current revenue her new reoccurring revenue every month while opening up massive white space in her calendar at the same time. She's ready to be on less calls, stop being ghosted in the dm's, fill the gap in her marketing + dial-in her messaging... 
so sales feel simpler and things start selling all of the time
(not just when you're 'on'
and launching).
  • Two 60 minute 1:1 calls each month

  • Monday - Thursday Voxer Access

  • All passive courses + micro-offers during your contract

$2,999 per month (pay in full discount available)

Packages are auto-billed monthly.

  • Two 60 minute 1:1 calls each month

  • Monday - Thursday Voxer Access

  • All passive courses + micro-offers during your contract

$2,777 per month (pay in full discount available)

Packages are auto-billed monthly.

  • Two 60 minute 1:1 calls each month

  • Monday - Thursday Voxer Access

  • All passive courses + micro-offers during your contract

$2,499 per month (pay in full discount available)

Packages are auto-billed monthly.

1:1 Voxer only Coaching
The Investment

What We'll Do Together:  We'll focus on understanding your ideal + soulmate
client, refining your current messaging to amplify your online presence and
increase your sales. Voxer is equal to having an expert in your back pocket and
this is for the woman who's ready to make a lot more money in a way that feels
safe and supported. 

  • One total call during our 3 months together

  • Monday - Thursday Voxer Access

$1,799 per month (pay in full discount available)

Packages are auto-billed monthly.

  • Two total calls to use during our six months together

  • Monday - Thursday Voxer Access

$1,599 per month (pay in full discount available)

Packages are auto-billed monthly.

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Ready to                abundance in your income, business + life?



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