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1:1 Business


Business gets to be easy + income and impact can shift quickly. This is what we do in my world.

For the woman who...

Desires a business allowing her to start the day anytime + create your own schedule, not be 'on' all the time + see payment notifications coming in anyway. 

Who's ready to have her current revenue be her new reoccurring revenue. Imagine starting the month off with  5k, 10k, 15k already flowing into the business. 

Desires to make self-led

self-trusted + self-funded decisions buying what she wants with no guilt (and not having to ask anybody).

Wants to feel clear + safe in her business allowing her to show up knowing what to say without  doubting herself constantly.

Is ready to grow her impact and reach + be seen as an expert in her niche with people reaching out daily to work with you.

Wants business to feel easy and move at her own pace and create success to her standard (no one else's).

Are you ready to live


More days with pedicures at 10am + meeting friends for lunch + payment notifications coming in...days that actually feel like you're living life.


You + Me = Business Transformation

I believe deeply that business gets to be easy + impact and income can shift quickly.  You get to live your life wildly + have your business fund your life without working harder or more.

Buy the house, get on a plane + go to the retreat.


Buy everything + more for your family. Retire your partner. Save way more than you spend. 

Let's create a business that lets you soften + relax. I'm talking you reading a book + watching movies with your family + not refreshing your DM's or emails constantly while thousands of dollars flow into your business.

Yes please, more of this. 

THIS is what we do in my world

Have a steady flow of money coming in because we've refined your offers + filled the holes in your business

Finally show-up + feel like it's all working AND actually have it work

Feel good about your prices + no icky slimy feeling EVER (showing up and selling often + making so much money because of this

Making  more money in your business but easier because now you're doing more of the right things

You've got me as a partner in  your business helping you sell with zero convincing + activating simple marketing that will make you a lot more money

No longer questioning if your business can make money + it just does. Everything you put out people just want to buy because you've mastered sales

Making sales, messaging, money + business feel easier is the core of what I help women do. iI believe where you are with impact + income can shift quickly and you don't need another complicated + stressful strategy or yet another certification or credential to activate the elevation you desire. 


A business bank account with 30k in it + making money and selling easily is closer than you think.

Imagine being able to breathe when it comes to money, business, sales and finally stop questioning if your business can even make money because it simply does.


This type of lightness - the I know in my bones there are buyers out there because they're popping into my DM's and inbox everyday - is the vibe I help women activate in business.

There's a world where  you've given yourself the ultimate permission to sell freely and often + make the BIG money that comes when we do this.

There are other ways to sell + market on social media than trying to figure out the exact right thing to say so people buy from you. Ugh, cringe. Long, complicated + stressful AF launch plans or funnels that have you constantly checking your dm's and emails and second-guessing yourself wondering 'is this going to work?' are not the only ways to make Fck YES kind of money.

What I do in my world is create simplified + wildly effective marketing combined with my signature Sacred Sales Method that allows you to feel like you can finally breathe when it comes to money + business.


You get on the plane, book the retreat, buy the luxury car, sign-up for the organic meal delivery without thinking twice + questioning if you're spending too much or asking anyone else for permission.


 You simply can. 

You + Me = Total Life Transformation

"It feels so good to finally be compensated for the work I do. 

It blows my mind how much you've helped me know my worth 

and start charging for my services.

And you're making it all feel so easy.

It's blowing me away how transformational this whole experience is working with you. 

You're actually helping me help more people

while at the same time helping me make more money. 

All this time I thought I was being of service by giving away things for less but really by charging more I'm providing even more value and serving even more people. 

You're a rockstar, that's all I can say."

- Kristina Hollinger

Feng Shui Expert + Author + Podcaster 


There are so many businesses coaches out there. My clients love working with me because I come from a place of alignment.


As a Certified Meditation, Yoga + Health Instructor + Wellbeing Coach, I worked with Deepak Chopra for over 16 years serving thousands of clients on the highest level. What's unique about my mentorship is together we will create a lightness in your business and in your life + a connection between the two. It's always deeper than just the money + we can go there.

Business + entrepreneurship can feel lonely.


Having a partner inside your business and your life makes everything a lot easier and more fun. This support is why most of my clients have worked with me for years. 

You get to have a business + life that just feels easier and make money in a way that feels easy and almost automatic. 5k, 10k, 15k is the new reoccurring monthly revenue far into the future.  

Most importantly you've Activated the VIBE you've long-desired of giving way less fcks + trusting your own voice, what you're saying + how you're saying it. 

We will create an intentional AF business structure with offers designed to support your nervous system, make you feel safter + work way less than you currently do.

This will give you the freedom to start and end your day when you want to + still have payment notifications dinging all day long. Yes please, more of this. 

"Working with you has literally set me free. The support and guidance you offer isn't only for women entrepreneurs but for all women."
Andrea - Tarragona, Spain
The Investment
What We'll Do Together: Amplify relationships + Online presence

We'll focus on understanding your ideal + soulmate client and refining your current messaging.

I'd review your offers, social media + website copy so we are inviting money int your business in an intentional way that allows you to make more while working less. 

  • Two 60 minute 1:1 calls each month

  • Monday - Friday Voxer Access

$1,999 per month (pay in full discount available)

Packages are auto-billed monthly.

What We'll Do Together: Amplify relationships & Online presence + Monetize Online
We'll focus on everything my 3 month coaching container offers AND we'll activate the plan together in a way that invites a steady flow of money into your business. We'll streamline your current messaging and create a business that feels on purpose. 
  • Two 60 minute 1:1 calls each month

  • Monday - Friday Voxer Access

$1,799 per month (pay in full discount available)

Packages are auto-billed monthly.

What We'll Do Together: This is for the woman who's ready to transform her entire business and activate the big money dreams you've always wanted. Create a business that' feels safe, allows you to take yourself + your family on vacation and makes money without you needing to be on. 
  • Two 60 minute 1:1 calls each month

  • Monday - Friday Voxer Access

$1,499 per month (pay in full discount available)

Packages are auto-billed monthly.

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Ready to                abundance in your income, business + life?



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