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Be Your Best Self

Does this sound like you?

You know what you "should" be doing but never seem to actually do it.

You know your mindset and beliefs are holding you back, but you don't have the tools to change them.

The stress of life has you in a holding pattern, and you're frozen from making any progress.

You've read all the books and listened to the podcasts, but you're not applying the learnings to your actual day-to-day life.

What if I told you that you could...

Stop trying to "fix" yourself and your mindset and instead let it effortlessly unfold for you.

Rewire your brain to think about what you DO want, rather than what you DON'T.

Better understanding your unique response to stress and how to deal is what will change you from a knower to a do-er.

Better understanding your unique response to stress and how to deal is what will change you from a knower to a do-er.

Apply a simple process to situations of discomfort or uncertainty will help you uncover massively improved results.

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Illuminate Your Beliefs

Dive into understanding your response to stress and how it's determining the results of your life so that you can experience lasting change.

Make the Connection

Begin to connect the dots between your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions, and finally shift these to get the results that match your intentions.

Clarify Your Intention

Gain insight through guided meditations and inquiry worksheets that I use with my clients to focus on what you do actually and go from wanting to having.

Activate the Power of Intention Process

Knowledge is the only power in your life if you're activating it into practice. My signature Power of Intention Inquiry Process will guide you from knowing into doing (finally).

  • Explore why your thoughts and beliefs are important

  •  Illuminate your inherited beliefs and unconscious choice making

  • Understand why giving yourself a permission slip to take better care of yourself is fundamental

  • Visualize and Specify what it is that you do actually want

  •  Begin to integrate intentional affirmations in different aspects of your life

Module 1 - Clarify Your Intentions

In this module, we will...

  • What it is that you actually believe

  • How to uncover inherited beliefs in different aspects of your life

  • The process of beginning to illuminate your unique mind-body response to stress

  • How to uncover the storyteller within you and how it's shaping your whole life

  • The concept of The Power of Intention Process

Module 2 - Your Belief Operating System

In this module, we will explore...

  • How to cultivate the pause in your life

  • Why the little things matter

  • Discover how to trust your intuition

  • Explore the response of the "co-creator"

  • Clarify your specific vision

Module 3 - Make The Connection Between Stress & Your Results

In this module, we will explore...

  • My signature Power of Intention Process

  • How you can apply the Power of Intention process to the big and little things in real time

  • Real-life examples of the Power of Intention working in my life

  • Staying in the course when...

  • The results of success

Module 4 - Activate The Power of Intention

In this module, we will explore...

Power of Intention Mockup.png

Power of Intention


  • Four core modules

  • Go at your own pace

  • Guided visualizations

  • Power of Intention Signature Inquiry Process

  • Forever access to the course

Client Love

The Power of Intention helped me get clear...

Jenny Carrington

"I could've talked all day about what I didn't want, but I had no clarity about what I actually wanted. The process made me think better of myself and this has opened a whole new realm of possibilities for me. My life feels supported now which is priceless."

I was living the same day again and again...

Alisha Roth

"I knew better but I couldn't change. The connection I finally made through the course was that my reactions to stress were running my life. By understanding how my emotions drive my choices, my life and the conversation with myself finally started to shift."

When I started this process I felt stuck...

Sara A.

"In a job that I hated and a body I didn't enjoy being in. This work helped me change my relationship with myself and this shifted everything. I still have the same job and body but I'm much happier simply by applying the Power of Intention Process in my life."

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You receive access to the entire course and all modules at the time of enrollment.
No, not in this course. Consider one of my coaching packages for 1:1 guidance from me on these topics.
You'll continue to have access to go back and re-visit any part of the course you want.
This digital course is meant to be experimental for you to cultivate change beyond just knowledge. There are videos, writing prompts, worksheets, guided visualizations, and affirmation cards to print out to facilitate this for you.
Email me anytime directly at as I'm here to support you on your journey.
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